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CSS Design Wizard

CSS Design Wizard

CSS Wizard saves significant time and effort creating professional quality CSS website designs. It's very difficulty of building compliant websites with external style sheets using WYSIWYG editors. CSS wizard is a radical new approach that draws on the consistency of approach the new web standards ...

Shareware  2,272k 1680 Engineering Adventures Ltd
XMLwriter XML Editor

XMLwriter XML Editor

XMLwriter is a powerful XML editor for Windows designed to help web editors and programmers take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies such as XSLT and XSD Schema. XMLwriter provides users with an extensive range of XML functionality such as: validation of XML ...

Shareware  4,066k 2063 Wattle Software


Champfoot, manage and track soccer leagues. A lot of tables and statistics of a league, a team, a player, ... Differences between tables and statistics from a year to another. Tables history. Import/export of leagues from/to external software ($occer$oft, Footistik, Goléador, League Manager 2.05, Liga ...

Shareware  7,913k 1507 Stephane Carreau

emagiC CMS

emagiC is an affordable browser-based Site & Content Management System that offers XML, WYSIWYG editor, stylesheets, link verification, extranet, sitemap management, load balancing, audit trail, task lists, email notification, administrator rights and roles on page level, templates, meta data and much more. Emagine offers several ...

Commercial  46,272k 1159 Emagine
oXygen XML Editor and XSLT Debugger

oXygen XML Editor and XSLT Debugger

Oxygen is an XML Editor, XSLT/XQuery Debugger and Profiler with full Unicode support. It supports visual XML editing driven by CSS stylesheets. Introduces XML Author specially tuned for content authors providing a well designed interface for XML editing by keeping only the relevant authoring features. ...

Shareware  19,338k 1316 SyncRo Soft Ltd
Style Studio CSS Editor

Style Studio CSS Editor

Powerful HTML / CSS Editor with full support to W3C CSS standards. Features include powerful CSS validator / IntelliSense, smart preview, detection of site-wide css problems, smart syntax coloring which highlight invalid properties, effortlessly upgrade to standard-compliant XHTML / CSS, Site / colors management and ...

Shareware  3,968k 1421 style sheets com


Digi.Lite is a powerful solution of managing and creating web-sites; it is the easiest way to create, modify and update your own website without any need for technical knowledge. This product is ideal not only for professional developers. An easy-to-use WYSIWYG-based editing system will help ...

Shareware  265k 652 Idxstream Inc
WebTools Pro

WebTools Pro

WebTools Pro is a unique application for any web developer that finally allows you to construct an HTML page with ease. You can analyze any page's information, scripts, stylesheets, and structure while still working in your favorite editor. WebTools Pro is a must for any ...

Shareware  252k 1177 Iconico
Dynamic HTML Editor

Dynamic HTML Editor

Dynamic HTML Editor is a powerful web page design editor that permits you to create your site in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment using both CSS or tabled layouts. Dynamic WYSIWYG HTML Editor's design emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. ...

Shareware  19,059k 1562 Lorenzi Davide

Kernfunktionen: Hierarchische Projektanordnung , Reportansicht [neu] ,Wochenansicht [neu] , Zeiteinträge,Fremdkosteneinträge [neu], Zeitkostenermittlung [neu] , Ermittlung der Gesamtkosten [neu], Beliebige Anzahl von Projekten und Unterprojekten, Automatische Akkumulierung der entstandenen Aufwandszeiten, Ausblendbare (nicht akkummulierende) Projekte, Filteransicht für Datumsbereich, Datenbanksicherung beim Start und beim Beenden [neu], Explizite Sicherung ...

Shareware  6,836k 509 IBL

Rich Editor

Rich Editor (RE) is a browser-based online WYSIWYG editor. No knowledge of HTML required. 100% script. Web Developers can use RE in CMSs or just instead TEXTAREA tags. Implemented as a PHP class. It is easy to use it in you scripts! Create as many ...

Shareware  60k 617 chel tv
Altova StyleVision Enterprise Edition

Altova StyleVision Enterprise Edition

Altova StyleVision Enterprise Edition is a powerful visual stylesheet and report designer for transforming XML, XBRL, and database data into HTML, RTF, PDF, and OOXML/Word 2007 output, and eForms. It is standards-compliant and supports XSLT 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, XSL:FO, CSS, JavaScript, and all major ...

Demo  123,655k 2761 Altova Inc
Altova StyleVision Professional Edition

Altova StyleVision Professional Edition

Altova StyleVision Professional Edition is a powerful visual XSLT stylesheet designer for graphically designing templates that render XML and SQL database data in HTML and RTF and creating intuitive Authentic electronic forms - you can even generate a fully functional ASPX Web application. StyleVision is ...

Demo  105,531k 1448 Altova Inc

XSL-FO Debugger

XSL-FO Debugger is the software for visual debugging of XSL stylesheets. It is based on Altsoft Xml2PDF formatting engine. In short, XSL-FO Debugger takes an XSL-FO file or a pair of XML and XSLT files as an input, follows XSL-FO formatting instructions and generates a ...

Freeware  2,529k 595 Altsoft
Altova MissionKit for Pro XML Developers

Altova MissionKit for Pro XML Developers

The Altova MissionKit 2012 for Professional XML Developers is an integrated suite of XML development and data integration tools from the makers of XMLSpy.Get three leading XML products for less than the price of two! The MissionKit for Professional XML Developers includes Professional Editions of ...

Shareware  96,016k 2433 Altova Inc


xsl:easy is a tool for visual design of XML data transformations. It offers an user-friendly, graphical way to create powerful XSLT stylesheets. Simple, visual designing of XSLT transformations coupled with adapters for integration with legacy data, databases and web services makes xsl:easy the tool that ...

Shareware  6,349k 327 SoftProject GmbH

oXygen XML Author

Oxygen XML Author is a cross platform Visual XML Editor. Supports visual XML editing driven by CSS stylesheets with specializations for DITA, DocBook 4 and 5, TEI P4 and P5, XHTML. This support includes document templates for easily creating new XML instances, CSS for WYSIWYG ...

Shareware  40,960k 420 SyncRo Soft Ltd

Atom feed builder

You build your Atom valid feeds in a few clicks within this intuitive software, which also helps you to build your xsl files, i.e. the feeds' stylesheets, files that format your feeds.The software carries a basic FTP client to upload your files to your server. ...

Freeware  6,533k 1075 Internet marketing software

Open source recruiter (OSR)

Java toolkit for creating and manipulating hr-xml ( compliant resumes. Users construct resumes as java objects and convert them to .xml, .xhtml, or .pdf. Comes bundled with stylesheets and schema; also allows users to define their own.

Freeware  10,192k 243


The OpenSync project aim is to synchronize enterprise level data sources. The main steps are extraction of data, translation into an XML format, transformation of XML data with XSLT generated stylesheets, transportation between distributed data sources

Freeware  1,427k 150

PHP W3C Validator

PHPW3CValidator will HTML/XHTML and CSS validate your entire site in seconds!Once installed all you need to do is push one button and it will scan your entire site for web pages and stylesheets. It is also capable of validating multiple remote sites!

Freeware  5k 265

web config and sylesheet sql verifier

Use this Win64 .net tool to resolve potential column name errors between stylesheets and config files that are part of your web application code. text file input output and parsingtext file compare with color differencinggui tabs64-bit windows , 32-bit with re-compilec#tabbed window listingsql code parsercss ...

Freeware  792k 521

XForms for UBL

The Universal Business Language (UBL) provides standard XML formats for business documents. This project is to provide XForms which allow creation, processing and editing of UBL documents and XLST stylesheets to generate such forms.

Freeware  12k 256

XSLT For XForms

XForms can be generated for most XML applications using XSLT. This project provides such XSLT stylesheets as a starting point for some essential input and output XForms based on a given XML example file.

Freeware  192k 322

XSLT Standard Library

The XSLT Standard Library provides commonly used functions (templates) for XSLT stylesheets.

Freeware  100k 321


XSLTkit is a collection of XSLT stylesheets for several purposes. For example transforming XSD to XForms, XForms to XHTML, XSD to SQL, XSD to LDAP Schema, etc.

Freeware  2k 137

Xcarecrows 4 Developers Edition

Xcarecrows 4 Developers provides a set of Xcarecrows tools like : Xcarecrows 4 MDI and Xcarecrows 4 MDA to develop MDA systems with UML, Xcarecrows 4 XML to edit XML document, cascade XSL stylesheets or design XSD schemas in only one download.

Freeware  18,118k 341

XmlTextNodesTran slator

Translation helper for xml text nodes content on a directory tree. Helpful to translate uPortal Stylesheets.

Freeware  1,390k 113


A wysiwyg HTML editor for use with IE 6 and above. Written in JavaScript and implemented as hypertext components ( custom behaviours ). Support for tables, images, stylesheets, and much more.

Freeware  69k 121

net.sourceforge. ajstruts

Source code of an article ( published in 11/2003 in the german "Java Magazin" magazine, shows how to adapt 3rd party libs (e.g. struts) to project needs and ease migration to new library version using AspectJ and XSLT stylesheets

Freeware  18,114k 271
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